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Nazmeen Akhtar

Nazmeen Akhtar’s works explore the relationship of culture, religion and the modern world. Her works shed light into a new perspective on what she thinks the modern world is. When she finds herself in a negative world and situations, she finds positive values to make herself feels more loving to the world. Being unique makes her strong, brave and confident enough to voice out her opinions and fight for what she believes in. It makes her a visible person among the others. Although culture affects her surroundings, it does not move her faith and what she believes in. Her life without religion is unimaginable. Being a feminist, covering her body and celebrating her body is such an important gesture to her. It helps her to develop her personal style and methodology, which she finds challenging and different from others. She thinks women’s mental sacrifices and their commitment to society really matters however they are always being omitted and at the end it makes them they are no one to the world. It is hard to challenge others while being yourself but through Akhtar’s works, she will. Not only does she finds the connection between herself and her god develops her spirituality, she also finds that it strengthens her faith for god. Discrimination to her does not matter anymore moreover it helped her to develop her works that express her views among the society which is lack of equality. Her works are formed from both traditional and cultural elements, and they talk about the issue of how people see and view each other in current society. Using different mediums gave her freedom to express her views, of which she believes could enhance her interaction with society. The colours she uses are divided into 2 sections, one using pure plane colours and the other using a colourful palette. Akhtar’s work is about showing and being herself while displaying her uniqueness to others. Through her works, she elicits the audience’s curiosity and answers them too, but the meaning behind is not the most important—the meaning created is. Her works show how she brings out issues and present oneself to others. Nazmeen Akhtar is a modern Muslim woman. Her works represent how art can help to present her views to the world and how to answer them in a way she wants to answer.

In & Out


Acrylic on canvas

60 × 42 cm

A different representation of Muslim women to the outside world and to inside world by covering their beauty. The way they present themselves to the outside world and how they are viewed. The contrast world of Muslim women.

Culture Combination


Chiffon, lace, embroidery, Chinese umbrella, Henna

Size variable

Adopting mix culture in society. Hard to face but interesting to go through.

Natural disaster (Tsunami, Earthquake and Flooding)


Evolutionary graphics

Size variable

These graphics express about the positive way of looking at negative things that happen in our life. Using the loop of geometry forms helps to interpret disaster effects while together use of colours could show the beauty side of them. It is a matter of time and people’s acceptance. Being positive, patient and psychologically strong could help people to go through the hardest moment of their life.

Snake Squeezing



20 x 20 x 20

Struggling with emotions and working in every moment in life Nervousness Hard challenges and time could build strong future

Nike Scooter


3D model

85 x 80 x 10