Honours Project
ZENG Jing Yan Kay

Zeng Jing Yan is a designer standing on the intersection of design, computer science and art unswervingly. My undergraduate studies and practices covered experience design, product design, graphic design, creative media, computer science, art and art history. It is this wide span of my studies and practices that enables me to go deeper in understanding people, society and industry. Not only am I interested in finding better solutions for existing problems but also questioning the commonly accepted normality and regularity that construct our world.



Cassette player, headset

Size variable 尺寸不定

If alien life was around, would we be able to even sense it? Or will it be necessary to extend our sensory apparatus to include other perceptions as extraterrestrial life might come in forms very different to us?

PETI – short for Perception of Extraterrestrial Intelligence – is a programme aiming to develop humankind’s ability by means based on the sensory substitution theory, and thus to enhance the chances for man to perceive the possible presence of extraterrestrial life by sensing electromagnetic waves. PETI allows the visitor to experience and train their new EM skills.