Honours Project

Yuen Nga Chi, born in 1994 and grew up in Hong Kong. She likes to observe different things in home, the status and behavior of her family. Her practice uses her own perspective to understand the nature of each person’s role in the family and the relationship between each other’s checks and balances or dependence. Through looking into family situation, photos, personal memories and objects, she incorporates these sources with reality to establish new interpretations.

Her works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, China and Singapore, including the 6th Singapore International Photography Festival (2018), the 16th China Pingyao International Photography Exhibition (2016) and Fine Art Asia (2016).

袁雅芝,1994 年出生並成長於香港。她喜歡觀察家中不同的事物、家人的狀態和行為。袁的創作以自身視角來了解家庭中每人角色的本質,角色之間互相制衡或依存的關係。在作品中,我們能夠了解其家庭狀況,並透過影像、個人記憶、物件等,與現實進行混合,建立了另一種詮釋。

作品曾在香港、中國與新加坡展出,包括第六屆新加坡國際攝影節,攝影集入圍及展覽 (2018);第十六屆中國平遙國際攝影大展 (2016)及典亞藝博 (2016) 等。

He Xie Jia Yuan

Photobook, Dongjiang water, fish, porcelain, curtain

Size variable 尺寸不定

“He xie jia yuan” (Harmonious Homeland) is a new building opposite our hometown village and built a few years ago. The names of the estates are reflecting on our community. Residents can track the name in different locations in our village. Everytime I read the name in silence as if I was hypnotizing myself.

In the beginning, we often make fun of it’s name. These honest and ironic four words may be a proposition that everyone is eager to achieve, though it is difficult.