Honours Project
YU Sonia

“The famous architect Mies van der Rohe once said ‘Less is more'”. Truely, this is the main idea driving the work of Hong Kong emerging artist Sonia Yu. Focused on sculpture and painting practices, Yu developed an interest in Abstract Expressionism. She is especially fond of Minimalism. It is not difficult for viewers to notice Yu’s works of art are in primary colours, either white or red. In addition, her works usually comprise identical geometrical forms. People often say Yu’s works reminds them of Indian totems, this is probably because the artist often gets inspiration from the nature, especially animals and plants. An ongoing theme linking much of herwork is the subject matter of birds.

Yu’s collection of works reveals what her “ideal-self” would be in the coming five years. She uses totem animals as the subject matter because each of them symbolizes a certain spiritual connotation. She believes different animals representing respective powers are ruling her destiny in different stages of life. She wishes to make use of artistic practices to record small and big incidents in life.”


Amulet – To Break The Curse
護身符 - 解除魔咒

Acrylic on canvas

Set of 3: 61 cm × 81 cm each

I find it interesting that Malevich’s Black Square was treated like a Russian Orthodox icon while Chinese people regarded Mao Zedong as the only god during the Chinese Revolution. These two incidents trigger me to make a series of work related to the art of religion. I want to emphasize the fact that people always utilize the “image of god” to protect themselves from evil spirits. They consider the “image of god” as a sort of amulet. Let alone Black Square and Mao, the Lord Ganesh, Buddha and Jesus Christ are examples of these so-called amulets.