Honours Project
YU Mei Yee

Yu Mei Yee (Mayyu) falls in love with observation and exploration. She spends a lot of time finding different interesting stories in our life even if it is tiny things. The mysteries in the world have a significant impact on her creation.

Yu does not work with one particular media. She believes each thing and each story has its own form. To her, a complete project has to be coherent both on-site and in the audience’s mind, which will enable the audience to go beyond our expectation. Yu tries to uncover the possibilities from different techniques and materials in order to express her feelings for nature and life. At the same time, she would like to give these materials a new emotion and even a new life.

Under the influence of communication design, her works tend to stay simple and interactive. A simple form is a symbol to show the experience in life and also an attitude for a good lifestyle.



Go Commit

Expired agar gel

Size variable 尺寸不定

Commitments mean everything.
But, after they are broken,
Sorry means nothing.