Honours Project

Tong Yang is interested in exploring the possibilities when faced with limitations. Celebrating the difficulties or troubles she encounters in life experience or during the artmaking process becomes vital content of most of her works.

Usually, Yang does not use the same media or focus on a similar topic. Art for Yang is one of the ways to express her thought about the world and society. She is an adventurous person who likes to experiment with different materials that inspired her in daily life. She considers art as a way of discovering the various limits of life, and when working with each material, she meets them as if getting to know herself.

Tong Yang was born in Gansu, China. She has lived in China, Hong Kong, Argentina, Australia, and Italy in the past few years.




Ghosts‘ Eyes

Video installation, my clothes

Size variable 尺寸不定

The clothes are the closest material to my body. I let the rats in my apartment damage the clothes as a way to embrace the breakdown of my most intimate surroundings. The lights are recordings of the actual darting eyes of rats.

People habitually overlook the negative aspect. When I examined it, I found a world above materiality, which is a world of ghosts – they might be odd, but vivid.


人們習慣性地忽略負面。當我觀察它時,我發現了一個物質之上的世界,一個幽靈的世界。 那些幽靈可能有些奇怪,但他們是鮮活的。