Honours Project
YANG Feng Yu Wendy

Yang Feng Yu is an artist born in Beijing who came to Hong Kong in 2014 for her Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts. She has been studying and living in Hong Kong for more than four years.

Hong Kong is Yang’s source of creation in recent years. She has a complex feeling towards this city. On one hand, Yang tries to overcome differences in region, culture and language. On the other hand, she is naturally unaccustomed to communication and building relationships with people, as she likes to be a distant witness rather than a participant. Both sides of her personal character and their contradictions show in her works.

For each art piece she made, Yang is eager to discuss and talk about her inspirations and the art-making process. She enjoys recording the process and showing it on the work. She believes artists should be honest about their making process and appreciate the change of ideas through time. Yang makes her artwork touchable so that the audience can have a closer look at drafts, touch the texture of different materials or even smell it.




Transparent Winding

Performance art (video, acrylic and plastic)

Size variable 尺寸不定

This is a self-portrait of my five-year study in Hong Kong.
I have been entangled with myself and unwilling to face this unfamiliar space.
I made a cocoon and lived cautiously inside.
However, the suffocation it brings has always stayed with me.
I tear it, it wraps around me.

What would we be like?