Honours Project
XUAN Yu Meng

Xuan Yumeng is an artist who focuses on the internal feelings of the youth and the geometric structure of the realistic world under her unique perspective. Illustration creates an illusion for Xuan. As a visual artist with visual problem, the artist perceives the world as an aggregation of symbols and colour pigments on a flat dimension. She believes in the pure connection between internal facts and external expression through the light reflection on the brain. In her works, she challenges the connection between vision and visual art and tries to break the boundary between dimensions.

Ceramic mirrors the artist’s idle and defective self through the endless failure in the progress of creating “perfection”. The conflict between slack thought and self-requirement creates the feelings of inferiority, and the rustic clay becomes the pure approach for the artist to identify herself in a contradictory society.

Xuan Yumeng, born in Qingdao, China. Her works are shown in “Present by Hirabayashi” (2018).




Under the Skin

Silicone, plastic bead, animal fur, wool, needle, fiber

Size variable 尺寸不定

Buried under the normal skin are a struggling soul and a feeble body suffering from chronic illnesses. In my life, invisible illnesses bring about pain and secrets that are hard to articulate with languages. Through the exploration of daily materials, tactile feelings generated from physical touches help me to deliver this emotion and personal experience.

Please feel free to touch.