Honours Project

The works of Wu Hoi Yan (Glary) transforms and defamiliarizes the familiar through painting and drawing, her works function as a language to connect and shorten the distance between oneself and the society. She often starts with her observation on something minor and inconspicuous, while taking reference from novelist, sociologists, photographs she took, and strangers she met in daily life. The interaction within various fields of studies, with poetic notion allowing emotional interpretation on existence and absence, are involved. Her practice reconsiders the general knowledge on forms and structures of paintings while experimenting the possibility of materials, pushing the limits of each story’s presentation and display approaches. Referencing to ontology, she is interested in the possibility of personal emotions, understanding and languages applied to found objects. Glary is interested in combining flat pictorials with daily objects that have a unique function, weight, texture and form.

Glary emphasizes the unexpected accidents made in the process, short conversations or unnoticeable objects that exist in daily routine could become elements of her work. Recently, she is focusing on broadening her painting practice in order to reconsider the nature of painting and the notion of objects-as-sculptures. Through depicting elements from the flat area to outer space as a canvas, she creates communication from the inside to the outside of a painting.




Home Address: Unknown

Paintings: coloured pencil, oil pastel, tissue paper, thread, light clay, colour paper, stickers, tape, oil on canvas and wood
Objects: (Left) tape, colour paper, thread, artificial turf; (Middle) tissue paper, acrylic, cardboard box; (Right) ceramics, wood panel


Paintings: 120 cm × 110 cm, 170 cm × 121 cm, 80 cm × 110 cm Object: Size variable

When I was twelve, I decided to create something for cheche (my childhood domestic helper) as we parted:

Being brought up by cheche who left home to Hong Kong, as a ‘employer’, I felt her shift of ‘home’:

A home through a screen, so close but too far away
A home through complex relationships, with her acting as my mother
A home through her spirit, connecting with others on the same path

Outside the contract, inside our homes treading carefully on blurred lines.




合約之外,各家之內—— 有一條糢糊且不可越過的界線。