Honours Project
WONG Wing Sze

Wing Wong is a graphic designer and illustrator, and she prefers to create her works in digital channels. Although her style seems to differ in her graphic designs and drawings, commonalities can still be found. To Wing, graphic design is relatively straightforward. Her graphic design works usually have clear purposes, so even though her works consist of many images, all of them are related to the theme of the design. As the purpose of her graphic work are usually for promotion and presenting information, simple graphics with a clear focal point is very important. Therefore, she shows her main idea in clear graphics, while the details are shown in other elements so that she can mix her own style without affecting the focus.

Wing also draws illustrations. All her characters have their own settings and stories. She enjoys reading that thinks that reading is a way to “live as another identity”, which is also why she esteem to create something for others to read. Wing Wong graduated from the Higher Diploma of Advertising Design in Hong Kong Design Institute.




Tweet of Crow

Printed paper product

18.3 cm × 13 cm × 0.5 cm

Crows usually represent “ominous”, but they are one of the important animals of Wudong. What has happened when the crow is tweeting? Is it a good or bad story?

When we know something, it does not mean that we know all the details behind it. Only find it more and more by ourselves, but not only listen to the things the others told us. We can then find the truth.