Honours Project
WONG Pan Yuk

By viewing Wong Pan Yuk’s previous practices involving hand built ceramics, jewellery, graphic design and wearable design. The fascination with the beauty of natural objects can be observed. She holds a strong belief that the relationship between human and nature is inseparable. The themes range from organic food, forestry, rural life, Hong Kong culture, living around nature, floral design and food nutrition. Most of her works are related to natural objects, especially her design symbolises the status of protecting nature itself. Moreover, most of the works involves graphic design. However, she believes the 2D graphic cannot convey the beauty of natural objects compared to 3D object. For the next development, referring to Karl Blossfeldt photography, she would like to continue exploring the relationship between nature and humans, by studying the beauty of different species of natural objects and transforming them through sewing materials. This approach inspired her to make wearable work by using textures and stitching to express her concept in the honour’s project.


王彬鈺的大部分作品都涉及平面設計。然而,相比起平面圖形,她認為三維空間更有效傳達自然物體的美感。受德國樹林養護專家彼得・沃萊本(Peter Wohlleben) 在其著作《樹的隱秘生活》的啟發,她希望通過研究樹木與人類的關係,在畢業展中展示一系列與樹有關的三維作品。

Tree Jewellery

Brass wire and thread

Set of 3: 10 cm × 3 cm × 4 cm, 47 cm × 6 cm, 8.5 cm × 8 cm × 5 cm

Humankind shares an intimate relationship with trees, not only through the materials trees provide for our everyday lives, but more importantly through the oxygen they produce and which we need to survive. Trees also share similar physical characteristics, much like humans they can experience pain and carry their memories. Recent research even suggests they may have a sense of family and will help each other to survive.

I would like to celebrate our companions, the trees, through a series of jewellery designed to cover their wounds, often inflicted by us.