Honours Project
Wong Lap Wing

Before entering Hong Kong Baptist University, Wong Lap Wing (Harrison) mainly made problem-solving or problem-concerning designs. During his 2-year studies at the AVA, his art genre and philosophy changed from graphics, semiotics and interactive media to an approach of abstract imagery.

In 2017, Harrison combined previous media knowledge and expanded his practice to media arts. Alternative printing sparked his creative mind to consider abstract forms of expression in his work.

Harrison’s artmaking philosophy excludes the need for a particular skill or craftsmanship such that they will not dominate the expression of a higher concept. To him, understanding of his art should come from the art and visualisation of the individuals only, making it unnecessary to give directions to the audience who view his work. Even though such freedom in interpretation and visualisation might lead to “misunderstanding” of the original thoughts, Harrison does not dwell his authority as an author with the “right answer”. Since Barthes introduced the concept of “death of the author”, he also considers himself “dead”. He believes that an idea can be as random as it seems, but there exists a logic of some sort regardless. His practice will continue to follow the mystery of the mind’s logical flow.




Life Is Beautiful I ♥ My Life
我 ♥ 我的命

Augmented single channel video installation

Size variable 尺寸不定

For a long time, fragmental, psychotic mind and its network of thoughts: absurdity and rationality, repeatedly