Honours Project
WONG Kit Ting

The practice of Wong Kit Ting (Kit) stretches across such mediums as Chinese painting, ceramics and drawing. Kit draws inspiration from her surroundings and people. She is obsessed with animal kingdom and human aging issues. Through exploration of these natural forms of life, Kit deconstructs and reselects aspects of animals and the elderly and represents them as truthful and indispensable aspects in society. She tries to follow their path to step out of an imaginary journey into their world. she thus shortens the distance between herself and these particular communities, and realizes how they are facing and responding to the world.

Regarding materiality, Kit has extended experiences and possibilities of materials, searching for the transformation and vitality of matter. Kit currently works on the theme of food via different media. In her current work ‘Mapo Tofu’ (2018), she observes and presents the characteristics of this Cantonese dishes, and transforms it into a Chinese landscape painting.


The Predestined Ware

Ceramic, video installation, ink on paper


Size variable 尺寸不定

A family meal with five dishes and a soup,
cooked by my grandfather,
accompanied by my tailor-made wares for each dish and each family member.

Being closely related and mutually dependent,
filled with our family warmth and time.

Those indelible marks left on the ware are exactly
our memories that my grandfather and I made together.