Honours Project

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Wong Kei To (Hebe) studied furniture design for two years, which also lead her works combine with art and design elements. Her practice centres around ideas of generation of family connections and femme body shapes. By crafting sculpture, jewelry making, furniture installation and ceramics to express her thoughts how nowadays society views about family values and women’s rights that may cause people to miss out in daily life. She is interested in using interactive ways to tell the story behind her work, and to involve the audience, as a first-person experience to explore the meaning of her work. From silver jewelry to marble or ceramic, she can shape and edit what is integral to the narrative. She used exaggerated and sensual ways to express her feelings of the subject. ‘Breastfeeding’ for example, breasts shaped bra with pacifier made by clay can be used as a protest prop, to fight for the rights of breastfeeding in public.





Set of 3: 38 cm × 36 cm × 21 cm, 57 cm × 43 cm × 22 cm, 55 cm × 47 cm × 32 cm

The process of firing clay has been used to craft the body of three generations of women; reflecting inter-generational relationships and bonds which promote mutual influence, respect and responsibility.

The temperature and duration of the firing process affects the colour, texture and hardness of the finished pieces and convey that women at different life stages encounter varied life experiences and challenges which define such stages of life that usually requires inter-generational support. At the end of the firing process, the colour changes completely, symbolising the passages of life.