Honours Project

Wong Ka Hei is intensely interested in herself as a subject in her paintings and drawings. By gazing at her own unique individual and authentic existence, the conversation with herself is private, emotional and subjective. Her personal declaration of the narrative may be inaccessible but there is an inherent concreteness that provides a great resonance to everyone. Through the accumulated experience and activity in her life, sensation, emotion and recollection have eventually been merged to shape her elusive character. By facing uncertainty, she believes no one has a certain identity in this world as everything is constantly changing. She is looking for her own role and trying to depict her innermost feeling from the figures’ facial expression and the complex synthesis.

Hayson’s inspiration comes from the misty memories of family conflicts within her early childhood and her youth. The distant relationship with people who around her has been playing a major part in forming her consciousness of who she is and how she defines solitude and fragility. Being isolated, stimulates her to have an intense desire for escaping and create a way out of the phenomenal world in her imagination.

黃嘉曦與自己的對話是私密、情緒化和主觀。她敘述的個人宣言可能無法進入,但當中有一種固有的具體性,是能給人帶來共鳴。 面對不確定性,她認為這個世界上沒有人具有某種特徵這回事,因為一切都在不斷改變。

在家庭衝突的朦朧印象中,疏遠的關係一直在影響她對自己的定位以及感受孤獨和脆弱。 被孤立,想逃離,她試圖尋找自己的角色,並在想像之中創造擺脫現實世界的繩索。感覺、情感和記憶最終融為一體。

Piecemeal Fantasy; Outsider

Oil and pastel on canvas

190 cm × 210 cm; 190 cm × 210 cm

Illusion makes everything authentic.

I observed glumly in the daydream.