Honours Project
WONG Hiu Tung

Wong Hiu Tung creates her artworks by using clay and glass, and she looks to experiment with combining clay and glass together in the future. Her projects are experimental in nature, she would like to explore the possibilities of clay—an unstable material. To break down and challenge the simple traditional forms of pottery to a complex form. From functional ware to non-functional pottery; from the past, present to the future. Her project aims to defy the simplicity and traditional pottery by altering the form in clay, glaze and raw mineral in unusual combinations. The features of clay in different stages are worth to explore. Clay, soft in stage one, becomes hard after firing in stage two. To do more experiments between stage one and stage two, she starts with the basic structural element of clay—the form— using point, line, plane and solid to build unusual potteries. Clay has infinite possibilities. In the past, Wong mainly focused on traditional techniques to make functional wares and she seldom has the chance to explore materialities. Since she was bored of following the traditional rules and repeating the same skills every time. She is motivated to discover the new forms and structures of clay.

黃曉彤以陶泥和玻璃做實驗,探索它們之間的可能性。從傳統的結構解構再重建,從功能性拆解去非功能性,從過去,現在至未來。她的作品改變陶泥的結構,藥釉,物料,從而挑戰傳統陶器。 在過去,她主要學習傳統技巧製作功能性陶具,鮮有機會去探索物料。因對於傳統規則和重複性的技巧感到沉悶,所以尋找陶泥新的結構成為她的創作動力。

Deconstruction & Re-forming
解構 重建

Ceramic, glass

Size variable 尺寸不定

The process is tracing, deconstruction, and re-forming the pottery from functional ware to non-functional. Keep re-working materials and objects to defy the simplicity and traditional pottery by altering the form in clay in unusual combinations. It is an experimental project.