Honours Project
WONG Cho Kit Jacky

The practice of Wong Cho Kit (Jacky) works with the connection between people and society. At this stage, Wong is seeking to understand the social responsibilities of being an artist. He often works with painting and lens media which he thinks are good ways for him to express his views on what happened in our society.

Grey Good Trader and The Sea

我運了五十部iphone 上大陸

Mixed media and oil on canvas


Size of 3: 120 cm × 120 cm, 240 cm × 120 cm, 100 cm × 100 cm

A new round of iPhone has already been launched. It was already the 84th day of application, and I still get no response. Is that the end of my life as a gray guest? Finally, I strived for 50 iPhone after three days and nights. Yet, the story is just beginning, an exciting story about smuggling iPhone to the mainland, a journey with the senses of greed and guilt is now on…