Honours Project
TSE Yuen Ting

Tse Yuen Ting’s work creates an interactive experience, most often she involved the audience by creating science sculpture or installation. She do so in hope to elicit their perceptions, conceptions and thinking between the relationship of science and art. Inspired by participatory interactive art and her science interests, Tse considers the most primitive innate needs of humans is to understand the world around us, and then to share that understanding. Both science and arts strive to see the world in a new way, and to communicate that vision. In most of her work, public audiences are directly engaged to interact with her work, their behaviour can cause the artwork itself to change, in turn, their participation becomes part of her work. Sensory perception varies, from a sense of temperature to mechanical, electrical or chemical stimuli. In interactive works, sensory perception is an important determinant and influence which facilitates their understanding of the aesthetical and functional experience to challenging people’s perception, ultimately building a new relationship between science and art.




Acrylic plastic, ultrasound sensor, water pump, motor, bearing, water tube

Set of 2: 73 cm × 73 cm × 30 cm, 86 cm × 53 cm × 47 cm

Tick Tack… Tick Tack… Pit Pat… Pit Pat… Time and heart is looping, flowing. Before you die, after you are born.