Honours Project

Tsang Ka Yan (Yannis) is an artist in craft and design. She has studied ceramics, glass, jewellery, product design and dxperience design. She is passionate about making craft especially likes making ceramics and jewellery. She also has experience in teaching children and enjoys sharing her own experience to other. Yannis believes simplicity is perfect. Her artworks aer mainly inspired by nature, daily life and her own emotions. She is not a talkative person, she likes hiding herself. With art, she can express her inner thoughts. Art gives her courage, and she gives life to her artwork, through Yannis’ s artwork, you can understand her better.




Size variable 尺寸不定

We do the same thing every day: eating, sleeping, living; just like spiders weaving the spider web every day. The seemingly boring life is actually adapting to the environment every day. People accept different challenges and opportunities in different environments. Adaptation is what we do every day.