Honours Project
TANG Nok Hei

Tang Nok Hei has had drawing lessons since she was young. She learnt drawing because her mother told her so, and she was not interested in it at the beginning. Drawing lesson became her habit and it was something she needed to do every week. But after a long time, she started to find interesting things in drawings lessons and became interested in drawing. She began using different material to create paintings. When the colour pigment meets water, the colour appears to be moving. Watercolour looks softer and has a light tone compared to other materials. Although she occasionally uses dark colours in her painting, watercolour is still lighter than other materials because it remians to be transparent. She likes to use watercolour because it creates fantastic gradients naturally. Water control is very important: when there is too much water, water stains appear easily. She thinks this is also an interesting point when using watercolour. Tang also paints traditional Chinese painting, which is very different to watercolour paintings. Using only ink and water, one can create a variety of depth.





Seal encraving

Size variable 尺寸不定

he concept of this project is from the redevelopment of Kwun Tong. I have lived in Kwun Tong since I was born. Some places turned from familiar to strange after the redevelopment started. Using the seal, which has engraved the street name of Kwun Tong to create the word of 重建 (rebuild), connects seal engraving and redevelopment together. Redevelopment and the seal engraving both remove something to create something new.