Honours Project

Her work has been exhibited internationally in selected group exhibitions including Zone Out (South Korea, 2019), Tri-Pho (Hong Kong, 2018), Bak1 Dak1 Niu5 (Hong Kong, 2018), Invisible (Hong Kong, 2018), Plane Stories (Hong Kong, 2017), Fremd | HBKsaar Rundgang (Germany, 2017) and Photo Matters: Book and Print Festival 2016 (Hong Kong, 2016).

Self-Reflexivity Through 10 Art Activities

Video installation


I completed ten participatory art activities on site in this half year. By observing myself and each chance encounter, I explore my emotions, behaviors and purpose to understand who I am. Also, I want to clarify my relationship with art before graduation to decide whether I will still follow the path of art.