Honours Project
TAM Tak Hei

Tam Tak Hei is interested in the space that surrounds us, objects that change the atmosphere of it, especially the interactions between space and architectural forms. He tends to use elements of space and architecture to create his works.
Putting his interests into practice, instead of creating large scale sculpture, he typically creates smaller objects. To be more specific, he likes to adopt the idea of the “miniature”, objects that captured the essence of forms even in small size. He adopts metalsmithing and jewellery making as his art practice. He considers jewellery as a small space—each piece of jewellery contains a spac​e of its own. He interprets the essence of architecture and adopt the structure and details of certain architectural elements. His works are often miniature and wearable at the same time, thus the context changes when it is being displayed or worn. Using the body as an architectural interface, he addresses the relationship and intimacy between architecture and humankind, making those ornaments of architecture become ornaments of the body and parts of the body silhouette. Reminding us our relationship with the architecture, creating a alternate intimacy between architecture and mankind.


The Ordinaries On The Street

Patinated brass, epoxy putty, acrylic, screws, nuts, stainless steel pin

Size variable 尺寸不定

The street consists of many ordinary parts, although we seldom observe them in detail, there is a kind of “unfamiliar familiarity” in between, which was rooted in our conscious ages ago.

We know their existence, but our gaze seldom falls upon those repeating elements. By turning the ordinary parts of the street into miniature jewellery, the series intends to raise our awareness of those overlooked details, shortening the relationship between those ordinaries and the body, providing us with the imageability to consider their symbolic meaning.