Honours Project
TAM Chung Yan

Tam Chung Yan (Esther) mainly works with graphic design and editorial design, she likes to present her work in a simple and tidy way, expressing the ideas of helping others to solve their problems and build connections.

She discovered her passion for children with developmental disorder during her tertiary education life. She tries to use her skills in visual arts and graphic arts to help special-needs children. By exploring more in the field of visual arts and pediatric therapy, she aims to apply arts and related knowledge in the rehabilitation process.




Art Project with Children with Special Needs

Series of books and wall painting, mixed medium

Size variable 尺寸不定

I came from a family with children having special needs; this background of mine has exposed me to this field of knowledge. Hong Kong today has yet to provide suitable home training materials for children with developmental disorders. Using graphic design and my urge for special needs children rehabilitation, I have designed a series of tailor-made home training workbooks for these children.

I further conduct a wall painting exercise. Children with special needs are invited to paint the wall on 26th May, thus establishing an awareness of the needs of these children in Hong Kong.