Honours Project
SO Oi Yu

So Oi Yu treated art as a form of self-expression. She works on drawing, print-making and ceramic. Interested in lines and details of objects, she usually creates her works by observing trivial scenes or views during her daily life.

So did not have a certain direction for her art practice before she started her studies in AVA. Since the beginning her studies in university, she developed her projects in a more in-depth method and started to engage in different kinds of media by studying different courses. Through various courses, So found herself interested in photography and print-making. She started to identify her interest in sceneries from photographic practices, she began to apply them onto her prints too. Besides, she is fond of drawing sceneries, transforming photographies into her own drawings. Meanwhile, she found most of her drawings and paintings contain of greens, So enjoys drawing the details and textures from the plants.

So joined an artist in residence program at Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio, in 2018. Engaging in the exhibition “Combo” (Sapporo, 2018), she has started to develop more on her drawings and print making since then.


I Remember to Look at the Greens

Pencil and Colour Pencil on Paper

Set of 5: 47 cm × 38 cm each and Set of 20: 18 cm ×18 cm each

We all pass through different places and pathways in our daily life. The buildings, bus stops, lamp posts and even plants we meet every day, these scenes built up a sense of familiarity. For me, I think this feeling gives me a sense of “home”. I stayed in different “homes” in recent years, experiencing different scenes. Still, I remember I was taught that, “looking at the greens benefits your sight!”