Honours Project
SO Ka Man

The works of So Ka Man (Carmen) are broadly under the theme of femininity as she enjoys classy designs, and her graphic designs shows the different topics she is interested in. Carmen developed increased attention to underprivileged minority needs through the years, hence she uses her jewellery artwork as the medium to give consolation to needy, deaf, solitary elder or homeless, also hoping to draw attention to these groups from society using her works. Apart from that, she makes works that resonate with her personal experiences. She previously struggled with the problem of self-confidence, which is also a common issue many teenagers in hong kong faces, yet shy away from. Through her own experience, she would like to explore and study this topic in her works. Carmen has worked in an events design firm, and she aims to be a contemporary Jeweler in the future.



Mirror, bronze

Size variable 尺寸不定

True or false? It is not easy to be defined. We believe that the mirror is able to reflect the truth. However, it leaves doubt that the image from the mirror is the absolute fact as it may be influenced by other factors.