Honours Project

It is the little things that construct our life. Shieh Kai Ki (Hannah) usually uses mixed media in her works to tell a story or send a message, addressing particular issues inspired by her observation in everyday life.

Hannah’s practice includes bookmaking, printmaking and illustrative drawings. Her motivation for artmaking is to tell or further interpret a story of what she has experienced, to keep a record of what she sees. In the era of technology, people who enjoy drawing and making things out of hand is rare but they are what she treasures the most. She is curious about what people do on a daily basis, what they encounter in life randomly, what they dream about, or their reactions towards different topics or social issues. Hannah believes these are the most appealing features of human nature. Life is not always good, it sometimes sucks. Her works take the ordinary out of reality and transform to her own visual language. Hannah hopes that her creation can evoke emotions or resonance among people at some point in their lives.





People who are not afraid of getting burned seem happier

Acrylic, charcoal, coloured pencil, gouache, graphite, soft pastel, water-soluble pastel and collage on paper

Set of 6: 31 cm × 25.5 cm, 76.5 cm × 65 cm, 46.5 cm × 37.5 cm, 114 cm × 79 cm, 49 cm × 59 cm, 77.5 cm × 60 cm

You won’t get hurt if you stay away from it.
But if you are afraid,
you miss things that could have been amazing.