Honours Project
Qian Yin Xiao

Qian Yinxiao mainly employs ink that interwork with various materials and objects to extend the possibility and context of the traditional medium. Through the practice, she develops the relationship between ink and herself. Purity, is the feeling for Qian to pursue while variety of rhythms are common in her works. The inspiration of her artwork is mainly from nature, people and life, which leads her to think about existence. The work combines Chinese ink and abstraction to express agitation, emotion and thinking. Her work uses diverse brushwork, texture, and movement to convey emotion from the mind. Based on abstract visual language to establish both the void and solid and well as the space of the visual, a path to communicate with the audiences is established.

錢銀笑主要運用墨和不同物料作為創作的語言,從而展示出傳統物料更多的可能性,並籍此發展出她與墨之間的關係。她的作品追求純粹的感覺和力量,造就出輕重和快慢等各種節奏。 錢銀笑的創作來源離不開人、自然和生活,亦因此啟發了她對事物「存在」的思考。她將墨以抽象的方式來表達對於生活中的不安和各種思緒,與傳統國畫中畫家對自然產生的崇拜截然不同。錢銀笑以不同幅度的筆觸和質感建構虛實與視覺空間,藉此與觀眾溝通。


Ink and acrylic on paper

Set of 2: 137 cm × 68.5 cm, 96.5 cm × 132 cm

My struggling is formed in chaos, which is surrounded by an atmosphere of great depression. It is ineffable and hard to explain, so all I can do is let it spread out continually.

I find myself released after a brief pause and taking a deep break, and then my struggling has gradually gone out of the depressed atmosphere.