Honours Project
PUN Cheuk Wai

Pun Cheuk Wai’s works focus on the exploration of life and self-treatment through print media, mainly illustration. Her works are based on observation and thoughts stimulated by daily life, eventually transforming reality to her own imagination.

Pun puts into illustrations her own imagination inspired by daily living, experiences, music, books, or even strangers on the street. Through the process of internalisation, the real world is idealized in her work. Greatly influenced by the book “Genius” or “Psychotic” by Gao Ming, which shares different mental patients’ stories, she developed a new way to view the relationship between self and actual world. She believes that everything is a living organism. Pun always draws with hand drawing, to hide feelings in different metaphors, creating a kind of harmony in uncertainty, and hope viewers can feel a sense of healing.



In Pursuit of the Light

Digital print on paper

22.5 cm × 16.5 cm

You are light – past, future, and in all eternity.