Honours Project
NGAI Kwok Ying

Ngai Kwok Ying likes to work with different types of materials, therefore her works are associated with various study aspects. She is interested in studying the basic characteristics of the materials and likes to explore different possibilities through experimentation. The properties and characteristics of the materials are major considerations when she create her works. Ngai finds that mixed media best presents her ideas, therefore she prefers to work with multiple materials in one work. The flow of her artmaking is not complicated, she starts with fundamental knowledge as a base, then explores materialistic and presentation possibilities, and finally links her work with the theme she is working on. Works of Ngai can be roughly categorised as conceptual art or process art. Sometimes, the detailed appearance of the artworks is actually unplanned, as the outcomes are usually generated during the natural process of artmaking. She considers the process as the most important part of her works, and it is an indispensable element in her artworks. Her works are almost inspired by public issues, daily life or her personal experiences, therefore showing the connection between her observation and herself.





Size variable 尺寸不定

What I see when I read…