Honours Project

Ng Yi Chun (Mavis)’s artwork is mainly photography and videos. Photography is a medium which represents a self-interpretation of the world, Mavis takes pictures not only to document the world but also to explore things that are being ignored or overlooked by the general public. Public housing estates in Hong Kong is one of the topics of her artworks. She is interested in finding out the value of ordinary things in order to remind people to pay more attention to their surrounding. She took housing estates to illustrate her point because they look shabby and uncomfortable to living in, but they actually contain particular cultures that cannot be found in new apartments in Hong Kong. She spends time walking through different old housing estates in order to observe and talk with the resident. She wants to show the cohesion between neighbours and the unique structure of the building. For her, art is meant to explore uniqueness from ordinary things or surrounding and present them in an interesting way. Aesthetics and visual composition are elements of photography that is extremely important. But apart from them, Mavis is more concerned about the artwork’s ability to evoke emotion and connect with the audience. Therefore, she stands in the audience’s position and tries to understand the concept behind her works when she evaluates. Recently, she made a video about the hidden power of nature. Unlike animals, the vitality of a plant is not easy to observe since it barely moves or makes any sound. Therefore, Mavis explores different materials to represent the vitality of plants, and she decides to use light projection and patterns to do so. The projection makes the invisible things visible.


Microscopic to Macroscopic

White clay with oil spot glaze

Set of 5: 22 cm × 19 cm each

In Hong Kong a number of cancers are caused by dietary habits. Bowls are normally used for consuming food. This set of bowls was inspired by cancer cells. The exterior of the bowl remains white, creating a contrast with the interior. In these works the microscopic is brought to the macroscopic level, the invisible disease becomes visible.

在香港,許多癌症都是由飲食習慣引起的。 由於碗通常用於盛載食物,而我製作這套碗的靈感則來自癌細胞。 碗的外部保持白色,與內部形成鮮明對比。 在這一系列的作品中,我將隱形疾病從微觀帶到了宏觀層面,使其變得可見。