Honours Project
NG Yee Man

Ng Yee Man’s work focuses on painting and ceramics. Her artwork’s subject matter typically relate to nature and colour. She likes to use different tools in her painting to create different patterns and textures. She is interested in intuitive painting, trusting herself and boldly using colour. How to use colour and how to create a natural pattern and texture are the main factors she considered when she paints.Moreover, her ceramic work focuses on uncontrollable effects, she uses ceramic work to tell a story, and to focus on pattern, texture and shape of the ceramics.She hopes the work of art which used a lot of colours can bring people a sense of joy. She believes “the noblest art is that of making others happy.”

伍綺敏集中於陶瓷和繪畫,作品主題則大多與自然有關。她喜歡使用不同的工具,從而創造出不同的圖案和質感。伍綺敏尤其喜愛直觀繪畫——需要信任自己,並大膽地使用色彩。因此,顏色的運用以及美感的創造是她在畫畫時所考慮的主要因素。同樣地,伍綺敏的陶瓷作品集中於塑造出不能控制的效果。她喜歡透過陶瓷作品說故事:陶瓷的圖案、質感和形狀都是故事的細節。 伍綺敏相信高尚的藝術會讓人快樂。透過這些色彩豐富的作品,她希望能為觀眾帶來喜悅。

Faded Memories, Fading Farmland



Set of 13: size variable

Clay from fields in Taishan was used to make this set of ceramic bowls. My childhood was spent in Taishan. That place shaped me into the person I am today. The rice fields form my strongest impressions of Taishan – the fresh straw smell, the small creatures in the fields and playing in the mud. In recent years, the farmland in Taishan is gradually disappearing and being replaced by new construction. These bowls preserve the soil of where I once played as a child, preserve my fading memories, and also present the changes to farmland in Taishan.