Honours Project
NG Ka Lam

The works of Ng Ka Lam (Kelly) artworks are a combination of crafts and illustrations. She loves to work with clay, which she thinks is easy to shape but contains a degree of unexpectedness. Kelly used to make artworks under the theme of plants, suggesting lives. She creates connections between living things. And through the communal stories and echoed thoughts between the subjects, her works promote relationships, especially the relationship among human beings. Kelly’s projects are mostly hand-crafted, which she finds easier to adjust the structure of her works. During crafting, the temperature is an important factor. She thinks that is precisely the sign of life. She also uses a smaller space to construct a tight environment between the objects and creates a contrast between the background and foreground by layering objects. By doing so, she presents the linkage between space and living things, which further shows the interactions among lives. Other than sculptural works, Kelly makes illustrations as they are easy to read and can be easily disseminated. Simple lines and colours are used to achieve a clear and comfortable visual effect. She wants to communicate with the audience in a simple and quiet way, giving the impression of a peaceful encounter in life.

吳嘉琳的作品融合了手工藝和插畫。她喜歡以黏土作為媒介,因為粘土的可塑性能夠獲得意外的效果。她喜歡以自己的溫度去改變作品的形態,給予她一種擁有生命的感覺。她亦重視空間結構:在緊逼的空間中,她以不同的分層去表達空間與物件的連繫,比喻人與人之間的關係。 除了雕塑外,嘉琳還喜歡插畫。她喜歡以簡單的線條和顏色做出的圖案,插畫便於連繫不同的物件,亦給予觀眾一種簡單,寧靜的感覺與交流。



Frame, light clay, paper, acrylic


Set of 10: 15.3 cm × 20.6 cm × 3 cm each

What does perfect look like?

Imperfections appear on objects over time. We cannot fix or hide them. The work emphasises and enlarges the imperfect parts of the object and creates a new picture by imagination. It promotes a new perspective to look at the imperfections with appreciation of their beauty and to appreciate the beauty of the imperfections of the world.