Honours Project

Creating digital art is Mong On Ni ‘s major focal point. She is also interested in making handicrafts and 3D objects. However, she attempts to use her own eyes to capture the truth and comprehend the relationship between people, society and nature which can simulate the afflatus as one of her routines in daily life. Books and movies influence and inspire her creativity. Therefore, she can identify the specific prompt that relates to her work. She is searching for the possibilities of media arts to represent nature. Recently, she focuses on impermanent subject matter like plants and consumables. Not everything is everlasting, among them there is just a short and sharp glorious moment. How to keep the brilliant aspect of impermanence? That is a question she often considers in her work. Based on this direction, she looks forward to making artworks including graphics, photographs and other creations that can perform the perpetuation in different formats.

媒體藝術是蒙安妮的主要創作範疇,同時對製作手工藝和立體作品感興趣。 用雙眼來捕捉真實,理解人們、社會與自然之間的關係,是她獲得靈感的慣常動作。另外,書本和電影亦能啓發她的創作,使她從中取得獨特的提示。 近日,她專注於非永久性的題材,例如植物和消耗品。 並非任何事物都是恆久不已的,有些只有一段短暫而輝煌的時光。「怎樣才能保留這時刻?」這是她經常思考的問題,因而她期望作品能以不同形式來呈現「永恆」。

Being Left-handed

Chinese calligraphy and seal installation

Size variable 尺寸不定

Lefties are never mirror image of righties.
We have our own world, our own truth.
If this world persists in “right” belongs to righties only,
we will keep on to fight against it,
let us defend our specialness.

— A Left-hand Turn Around the World

1. Left is reality, right is vanity
2. Let me defend my specialness
3. On Ni is left-handed


—《神秘左手幫 : 左撇子的身世之謎》

1. 左是真實,右是虛幻
2. 讓自己一直特別
3. 安妮是左囿