Honours Project
MAK Lai Ching

Mixed media, sculptural forms and symbolism are the main features of Mak Lai Ching’s practice. She is interested in the theme of personal memory using story-based content. Inspired by daily life and her own experience, she looks to further explore the surrounding world. Art is a way for Mak to release herself. At the same time, creating a resonance with the audience is one of her main concerns because she believes that art is not a private production and art possesses an unexplainable strength on others. She wants to probe discussions on social issues such as sexual orientation and phenomenons such as luxurious marriage. Mak is sensitive in her expression of the human psyche through different materials. She often employs fabric, clay and thread when portraying childish and primitive emotions. Her work maintains a quality of naiveness and unfinished-ness as she likes to hand-made the work herself. The awkward and clumsy visual result is a testimony of the tool she uses. The reason for preserving such qualities is that she would like the audience to appreciate the beauty of imperfection as we are living in a society that is heavily competitive, and no “perfection” is perfect enough.

麥麗晶以混合媒體、雕塑及象徵作為個人創作特色。她受日常生活和自身的經驗啟發,常以個人回憶和故事作為創作基礎,探索周遭的事物。藝術創作對於她來說是一種釋放自己的途徑。同時,她亦以引起觀眾共鳴作為創作目標,希望透過作品引發對社會的討論。 麥麗晶常以紡織物、黏土及針線等柔軟物料進行手工創作,因而營造出一種孩子氣、笨拙的風格。她認為手工製作的笨拙感反而能在競爭激烈的社會中帶來一點緩衝——在競爭社會之下,沒有完美是足夠完美的。

The Last Paradise

Mixed media, bamboo, feather


115 cm × 85 cm × 85 cm

I grow up in a narrow space, at the same time, I am often disturbed by light and sound during the daily routine. I transform the imagination of hiding into a self-protection space of my desire.