Honours Project
MA Wing Man

Ma Wing Man’s work creates experiences, most often through creating scenarios or journeys for different audiences by awakening their senses, memories and emotions towards personal experiences or a place in particular.

Inspired by participatory art, Ma finds intimacy and connection between people the most thoughtful and delightful entity. Audiences are often inadvertently engaged in the creative process of her work. Dialogues are triggered to redefine a certain space by surmounting its common purposes, changing people’s perception and ultimately building a new relationship between people and the physical space.

While she is eager to construct space and collective moments with people, she is also accentuating the delicate minutiae of everyday life in her work. The inspiration of some of her works came from her deepest feeling towards the surroundings, her frustration and eagerness. They are transformed and manifested as her spiritual sustenance in her work.

Ma Wing Man went for an exchange programme at Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland in 2018. Her works were exhibited in group shows including Hong Kong, Berlin and Zurich.



馬穎汶樂於建構空間與集體記憶,同時亦鍾情於日常生活中的細枝末節。某些作品的靈感來自週遭事物給予她的深刻情懷、困惑和憧憬——它們會轉化成心靈的養分,繼而成為作品。 在2018年間,馬穎汶於瑞士蘇黎世藝術大學交流。她的作品曾在香港、柏林和蘇黎世展出。

In the Presence of You


Collected wool from family and friends
Single-channel video, color, sounds

Digital print on paper

單頻錄像, 彩色, 有聲



Size variable Video: 3'30” Photo: 42 cm × 59.4 cm

Neps are separated, from a woolen, from a sweater, from the body of someone, and someone is separated and deprived of warmth. I collected the wool fabrics from my family and friends. The personal traces carried on the fabrics are dismantled and reconstructed to open up a collective and connected space. Hereafter, the fabrics rub the skin, generates warmth which transmit via the body and fabrics. Fabrics start to pill and neps start to appear, carrying the warmth, interweaving with one another, inadvertently.