Honours Project
LUI Chun Hong Angus

The work of Lui Chun Hong (Angus) creation is inspired by everyday life and experiences, even if it is just a small thing like simple conversation or a major event in life, such as the deaths of relatives; no matter it is a relaxing or heavy topic, as long as it is happening around him, it can become his inspiration and idea. Spirit and thinking are the areas he likes to explore, creation is inseparable from thinking while thinking creates self-values. He believes that there is no absolute right or wrong in this world, it depends on how and when you think. Angus does not use only a single medium or material to create, such as illustration, ceramic, glass etc.. He believes that each material has their own characteristics and beauty. Angus encourages viewers not to appreciate artwork only with their eyes, but also use the five senses to fully feel the artwork, so that they can more fully feel appreciate the artist’s meticulousness.

在日常生活中,從普通輕鬆的對話,以至認真嚴肅的生死議題,都能成為呂晉匡的創作靈感。創作與思考密不可分,而思維則能建立自我價值,而有關精神層面及個人思維的事物都是他積極探索的領域。深信著世界沒有絕對正確與錯誤的他,認為每一次的「決定」都是取決於當下的時機以及個人的想法。 每樣物料都有其獨特性和美感,所以呂晉匡在創作時不會只局限於單一的媒介及物料,更多加利用插畫、陶藝、玻璃等技術。除了用眼睛觀賞外,他亦十分鼓勵觀眾用五感來體驗作品,全面地感受作者的用心。

12 24 365

Wood board, mirror

56.8 cm × 502.7 cm × 3.5 cm

Every day we meet opportunities, challenges and limitations; every day we make decisions. Those decisions eventually become the pattern of our life. Each life is different.