Honours Project

Through paintings and sculptures, Charlotte Lui Cheuk Nok explores feminism and sexuality issue with her own experiences. Vivid colours act as a veil that mask her fear and struggle. For instance, “Looking at my body” (2018), depicts woman’s neck is twisted with an empty shell. Behind the creation is the reflection of the relationship between men and women, and arousing public concern about women’s body autonomy. Charlotte held a solo exhibition in Aberdeen Street Restaurant and Bar in 2017 and sold printmaking and jewellery product in Taipei Eslite Bookstore in 2018.

雷焯諾由自身經歷出發,以繪畫和雕塑作品探討女性價值和性慾。鮮明奪目的作品風格隱藏著沈重的掙扎,以〈看著我的身體〉(2018年)為例:女性被擰斷頸部,目無表情,被拉長的頸連著一個沒有靈魂的空殼。天馬行空的創作背後是雷焯諾對「男尊女卑」的反思,意圖喚起大眾對女性身體自主的關注。 雷焯諾曾於2017年在Aberdeen Street餐廳和酒吧舉辦個展,並於2018年在台北誠品書店出售版畫和珠寶產品。



Acrylic on wood, glitter glue, spray, plastic beads, brass
Acrylic, air dry clay, glitter glue, fabric, plastic beads




Set of 2: 242 cm × 164 cm, 120 cm × 120cm

A battle between sexual desire and self-worth is everlasting once it begins.