Honours Project

Ticko Liu is an artist, born and raised in Hong Kong. He is recalling a sad story, which is something that shouldn’t happen, especially nowadays. Instead of recalling a madness and ridiculousness, then why not use a ridiculous way to present it? He wants to take the most stupid things seriously, but not deadly seriously.

廖諱衡,香港藝術家。 對他而言,圍繞在身邊的奇怪事情和無稽事物是最大的創作靈感。生活在瘋狂都市的廖諱衡,他把自身經歷投放在藝術創作上,形成了層次豐富又色彩繽紛的作品。

Adventure time of a cute creature; The lord that took my house


Oil and oil pastel on canvas


240cm x 200cm, 220cm x 240cm

Look! What’s that? It doesn’t worry about the vase?
Oh! One on the floor.
It is looking at something, curiously. So do we.
Will it jump on it? No, it has gone, again.

In the kingdom, a black shadow invaded.

I am Napoleon,And i am going to use insecticide to finish your coronation. Until I saw you are standing next to the insecticide

Ok you are the lord now.