Honours Project

Liu Shiyan (Seain) is an illustrator based in Hong Kong. Her works focus on intimate relationships and reflecting upon the true self. She states: “When I draw on paper my mind becomes empty, I let my hand take over and see what I can create. I have a conversation with myself after I have finished the artwork. I don’t like to draw details on faces because in someways we are all the same by sharing a similar set of emotions and feelings. You barely see the face or facial expression because they can tell us the feelings. I don’t want that to occur in my work and I don’t leave my own feelings on the artwork intentionally.” However, visual languages takes primary in her work. In the “Hugger” series, Seain is mimicking the motion of different kind of hugs in close relationships. The characters that she depicts are simple with smooth shapes, lines and without facial features. She favorably conveys the message through posture and colors. That makes her work even more direct and simple and offers the viewers an opportunity to reflect on their own relationships and self-identity. She states: “There will be no end to developing myself. Likewise my illustrations are like a period of time when we all become different just like our changes.”

劉詩言是一位香港的插畫師,她的作品表達了親密的人際關係和對真實自我的回應。 她曾提及:「當我創作時,我的思緒便會變得空虛,任由手在紙張上遊走。我不畫臉的細節,因為我只相信我們都擁有類似的感知和情感。你幾乎看不到我會畫面部表情,因為這樣會表露出感受。我不希望情感會在我的作品中出現,也不會故意將自己的情感留在作品上。」反之,視覺語言主導了她的作品,在作品《擁抱》系列中,劉詩言模仿了親密關係中各種擁抱的動作,她描繪的角色很簡單:圓潤的型態、流暢的線條,而且沒有任何面部特徵,只通過姿態和顏色傳達出她的信息。這使她的作品更加直接和簡單,並為觀眾提供了反映真實自我的機會。 她認為:「我的成長將永無止境。同樣地,我的插圖只是一段時間的我們,而我們正在不停變化。」

You: Untitle
你: 未命名


Digital prints on paper, hand embroided threads on fabric


Set of 3: 72 cm × 85 cm, 42 cm × 59.4 cm, 30 cm × 30 cm

Tell me your name or not, does it matter?
You have been asked who you want to be.
Did you become the person that you wanted to be?
And who are you now… ?
The voice in your head,
Is that you again?