Honours Project
LI Ying Ying

Li Ying Ying’s works for the past several years are diverse because she has a keen interest and concern in everything in her daily life. Drawing, printmaking, jewellery, illustration and installation are usually treated as a medium for her to express her ideas. Searching, exploring and testing diverse special materials are primary to her art practice. Compare to common materials, she prefers to find high potential materials to explore availability and variability, such as hair and fish scales. The sublimation of the materials is one of her approaches. Since 2012, she found a passion for animation and began self-learning. Through interest in materials and art-making methods, she has tried many ways to create animation, such as through woodcuts and thread-drawings.

李瑩瑩對日常生活中的一切都有濃厚的興趣和關注。 觀察其過去幾年的作品,都是十分多樣性的:繪畫、版畫、珠寶、插圖和裝置藝術都是她表達自己想法的媒介。搜索、探索和測試各種特殊材料是她的興趣。與普通材料相比,她更喜歡尋找高潛力材料來探索其可用性和可變性,例如頭髮和魚鱗。 自2012年以來,李瑩瑩對動畫產生興趣,並開始自學。通過對材料和藝術製作方法的研究,她嘗試從不同方式來創作動畫,例如是木刻和縫線。



Maternity books, monitors


Size variable 尺寸不定

Different books, different ways, different people, but the same expectations.