Honours Project
Li Wai Han

The works of Li Wai Han (Yedda) are created by exploring and reflecting on human behaviour and perceptions of life. she believes that by reflecting on the meaning of human behaviour, people can deepen the understanding of themselves. Moreover, human thinking and behaviours not only affect individuals’ life but can even change social development.

Yedda’s work is simple and colourful and she loves to use different visual symbols to guide the readers. In her works, a red-nose egg character, “Dada”, often appears. Through the unreasonable situations of the protagonist on the way to find a home, it reveals how the protagonist faces problems and makes decisions. In real life, people often ignore unreasonable situations even if these situations are against their values because factors such as human desire cause us to accept this situation. Therefore, Yedda uses simple visual language and inspiring stories to make the artwork approachable, aiming to encourage people to reflect on these issues. Yedda Li is a Hong Kong artist and illustrator. She focuses on media art and graphic design, and she likes to use illustration to create artworks with storytelling elements.




Digital print on paper


15.5 cm × 28.5 cm × 2 cm

In 2003, there was a lot of misfortune in Hong Kong.

That year, a little girl lived in No. 423 partitioned apartments in a Tang Building with her father.

She faced in an unfamiliar place and society alone and was filled with panic and uneasiness.

In her growth, she was affected by bad experiences.
She buried those things in a small corner of her heart.
She was eager to lay down the bad memories one day.