Honours Project

Leung Lok Kwan (Cass) mainly works in painting. Her works revolve around visualising absurd issues and emotions in the moment. She focuses on questioning the unclear and non-obvious happened, yet, are noteworthy. She is interested in the interdisciplinary of art making, believing artist is like a movie director producing a film. The give and take of thought and action, welcome the audience to step into the painter’s shoes.


Meet Me in ______.

Oil on canvas, mixed medium, digital print on paper
油彩布本、混合媒介 、數碼印刷紙本

Set of 4: 175 cm × 115 cm, 200 cm × 80 cm, 80 cm × 110 cm, 12.5 cm × 15.2 cm

Mother chose a burial at sea, exploring the seven seas; Here I record my journey to Lake Baikal of Siberia, on my perpetual search of her shadow in the four corners of the world.