Honours Project

Leung Ho Kwan (Adrian) is an artist whose artwork is minimalistic, using text and sign elements. Recently he is making geometric and minimalist artworks.

Geometrical linea and graphics give people a sense of satisfaction. Adrian tends to observe objects at a minuscule scale, he used to dismantle objects into elements and study them independently. After that, he assembles the elements into minimal forms in order to present his art in a very realistic manner. Contemporary cultures such as popular culture and local identity also add to his artworks to create materials that contain collective stories and meanings.

Adrian emphasises on the idea of art-making. He believes that even a tiny track created during art-making is valuable. He tries to limit the aids from machines when it comes to material transformation, for example, instead of using a CNC machine to make clean geometric lines, he tries to produce tracks from basic tools such as brushes, claps and ruler. Unintended drips of liquid or a mistaken brush stroke constitute the making of the artwork. In the future, Adrian will continue to explore the beauty of smallness and minimalism.

The Unnamed Calendar

Latex paint and ink print on wood

163 cm × 122 cm

A systematic calendar creates an infinity loop by reading chronological day order. I try to print the day with the same method. Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday is identical. Every result is different.

系統化的日曆創造了無限循環的日子。 我用相同方法去印刷日子。每一個星期一、星期二,星期三,星期四和星期五,都是相似,但每一個結果都不一樣。