Honours Project

Leung Hiu Sum believe familiarizing herself with a broader range of knowledge is the best way to get inspirations, therefore she has been trying to discover new things, expand her experience, and broaden her understanding towards different fields during her entire undergraduate studies. Leung is keen on graphic and spatial designs with her works mainly focusing on relationships between people and their surrounding space. She believes ‘story’ and ‘creativity’ are keys to creating better work, and she started to minor in Chinese creative writing and received encouraging feedback on her book designs. Later, Leung interned at an interior design company in Sydney during summer and had a taste of interior design, which peaked her interest in designs related to space. After Leung went on an exchange in Germany, she started to work on experience design and exhibition design. As an exhibition curator, Leung plays an active role in the team and produced fruitful exhibitions inside the university.

梁曉心深信熟悉廣泛的知識是獲取靈感的最佳方式,因此她一直努力發掘新事物,擴闊視野,拓展她對不同領域的理解。 梁曉心熱衷於平面及空間設計,其作品主要專注於人與空間的關係。她認為「故事」和「創意」是創作的關鍵,便在校副修中文創意寫作,更在設計書籍時獲得讚揚。她曾於暑假時在悉尼一家室內設計公司進行實習,嘗試室內設計創作,因而引起了她對空間設計的興趣。在德國完成交流計劃並回港後,她開始從事體驗設計和展覽設計。作為一名策展人,她在團隊中得以積極發揮,並在校園舉辦了各式各樣的展覽。

The Nest

Paper, digital print on paper

100 cm × 30 cm × 30 cm Book: 19 cm × 20 cm

We spend years building houses, then a lifetime to build a home.