Honours Project
LEE Bo Yue

The preferred artistic mediums of Lee Bo Yue (Bowie) are photography, printmaking and painting. Most of his works are connected to sports at varied levels. Many of his works use varied and experimental techniques to address such themes as speed and competition arenas. With an interest in local culture and the relationship between figure and environment, his work often contains a major figure – sometimes it is a human figure and sometimes it is an object. Many of these images are influenced by Tetsuya Ishida and Maria Svarbova. The major figures featured in his recent works are comparatively colder and more modest than his early works. It creates tension between the figure and the environment in a rather quiet and harmonious way. “Outside the Pool”, (2018) is a piece responding to another of his works – “Under the Pool”, (2018). The former combined techniques of relief printing with painting and at the same time features pencil and bandage elements. With the influence of David Hockney, Bowie’s paintings suggest a hint of illustration style.

李寶裕主要以攝影,版畫和繪畫作為創作媒介。他的作品大多數在與運動有關,嘗試用不同方法來表現速度、競爭、比賽等主題。他對當地文化以及人物與環境之間的關係感興趣,作品往往會包含一個主要角色,時而是人像;時而是物件。當中許多圖像都受到Tetsuya Ishida和Maria Svarbova的影響。 李寶裕最近的作品比他早期作品更冰冷和溫和。作品以相當安靜,和諧的方式在人物和環境之間產生張力。 “outside the pool”(2018)回應他另一部作品 “under the pool”(2018年):前者將浮雕印刷與繪畫結合,同時具有鉛筆和繃帶元素,再加上David Hockney的啟發下,他的畫作若隱若現地呈現出一種插畫風格。

The Party Is Over, Anti-Clockwise

Mixed media

122 cm × 200 cm, 60 cm × 60 cm × 116 cm

This work is about the relationship between painting and found objects. It illustrates the struggle between 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional representations. It further expresses the use of abandoned past and abandoned objects as one approach to unfold a person.

The clock stops and time seems to flow backward. In this anti-clockwise flow, I am enjoying the silence of swimming in a comfortable space called