Honours Project

Law Kwong Hin is an inquisitive student who mainly works with graphic design and photography. His interest in photography leads him to become a critical and analytical observer. By observing the daily environment, Law interrogates and doubts unconscious questions.His work reveals differences and the disagreements between each person under the context of globalization, examines the notion of unity. His practice of graphic design influences his photography style and also his way of thinking. He defines his works as a visualization of the unspeakable phenomenon and the elephant in the room, seeking to further question and build awareness by questioning the audience. Arguments and discussions are nutrients to Law’s works. Before Law Kwong Hin starts his academic journey in AVA, he obtained his High Diploma in Communication Design, Hong Kong Design Institute. He recently curated the exhibition “Bak1 Dak1 Niu5” (Oct 2018) and “Invisible” (Apr 2018), he was also featured as an artist in “Bak1 Dak1 Niu5”.

羅光軒是一位富好奇心的學生,主要以平面設計及攝影作為創作媒介:攝影引領他成為注重批判及分析的觀察者,平面設計則幫助他表達對事物的理解及回應,亦對其攝影風格及思考模式產生影響。 在全球化及潮流被推崇的語境下,人與人之間產生了差異與歧見,於是他以「可視化房間裏的大象」來定義他的作品,通過向觀眾提出疑問,以喚醒他們正視問題的知覺。 除了創作以外,羅光軒亦積極參與展覽策劃,近年的策展經驗為“New Art Now”(2019年3月),「北德鳥」 (2018年10月), “Invisible” (2018年4月)。他亦同時以參展藝術家身份參與展覽「北德鳥」。

Image of the Harbour

Inkjet print, inkjet PVC light box

Set of 2: 180 cm × 90 cm, 42 cm × 29.7 cm

The night view of Victoria Harbour usually provides the impression of the prosperity and resplendence of Hong Kong. This work depicts a vertical city in an image that extends horizontally and seeks to present an impression without details which is nonetheless familiar.