Honours Project
LAW Hiu Ting Annissa

“Be real and be true” — Law Hiu Ting’s intention is to create oil paintings that are realistic and to pursue her own way to create a contemplative atmosphere. Memories obtain and preserve, it is meaningful to record them as an art form. Most of the ideas in her work come from her personal life experience as the starting point. The compositional elements often occupy stillness, darkness and infinite deep space on the canvas and show a sense of mystery in a virtual world. Thus, a new insight with a connection between the imaginary and contemporary world is created.

「實」與「真」——羅曉婷的油畫以寫實風格來營造令人沉思的氛圍。 以藝術形式來珍藏和記錄回憶,是別具意義的。羅曉婷的作品中大多數想法都來自她的個人生活經歷,她以靜止、黑沉和無限的空間作為構圖元素,並透過虛擬世界營造出一種神秘感,由此構成一個虛幻世界與現實世界互相聯繫的新畫面。

Forget Me Not

Oil on canvas

190 cm × 150 cm

“Missing and emptiness, struggling and helpless.“

The image shows a movement through the flow of the hand gestures and specific objects.