Honours Project

Law Cheuk Lam usually uses watercolor to illustrate. She thinks watercolor looks more natural and relaxing and is well-suited to illustrate the light and dark in order to create perspective. Also, it is very effective to present different moods of illustration. For example, in “The End” which she created in 2018, the deep color represents a feeling of despair like the end of the world because the girl is not good at sports and hates it so much. Her illustration is usually related to what she loves, sees and experiences. She is particularly drawn to illustrate women. She illustrates the actresses who dress elegantly and beautifully, because she loves the design of those dresses and how the actresses do their make-up.Recently, she is doing illustrations about her life. She records her daily life or the past with her imagination. For example, in “My Miffy” which was created in 2018, she illustrated the relationship between the Miffy doll and herself in order to show how much she loves that doll.

羅婥琳常以水彩來畫插畫,她認為水彩看起來更自然和輕鬆,而水彩具有透視的特性亦便於營造出明與暗。 水彩亦能夠呈現出不同的情緒:羅婥琳2018年的作品 “The End”中的女孩不擅長運動並且非常討厭它,便以深色代表絕望——像世界末日的感覺。 羅婥琳會以她喜歡的、看到的和經歷到的作為插圖的主題。她特別喜歡畫女性,並會畫一些穿著優雅又美麗的女演員,因為女演員臉上和身上的裝扮都是她所喜愛的。 最近,羅婥琳以插畫來記錄她的生活,將日常生活和回憶加上想像力成為創作。以她在2018年的作品 “My Miffy” 為例,她描繪了娃娃Miffy和自己的關係,以表達出她對這個娃娃的鍾愛。

Miss You

Digital print on paper

12.2 cm × 17.1 cm × 1.5 cm

Everyone will experience the loss of an important person. This is impossible to avoid. The important thing is how you face this path that we all have to walk on.