Honours Project
LAU Wai Hing

Lau Wai Hing’s practice of ink art is an exploration of nature that pushes beyond reality. The organic forms such as wind, water and smoky haze — the variation and fluidity in nature, can widen her imagination. Through the coordination of brush-and-ink, she wants to interpret her desire for landscapes and curiosity in her surroundings that come with the changes of nature. She takes each progress as a personal appeal to serve a meditative purpose, looking for the subtleness from splashed ink and then goes into the mind. This serves as a spiritual wandering.

劉瑋卿以水墨探索造物者之妙,畫出超越現實之境。她以風、水、霧等形態的變化與流動來拓展想像力,並希望透過筆墨,展示出她對周遭幻變的好奇心。 劉瑋卿將一舉一動視為冥想——在潑墨之時找尋其微妙之處,並輸入於腦海之中——謂之神遊。

Night Voyage

Ink and color on paper

Set of 3: 90 cm × 74 cm, 90 cm × 180 cm, 90 cm × 74 cm

A night scene appears in my dream, in which I seemingly travel a hundred miles away. Out of the blue, the night and I are conciliated.