Honours Project
LAU Mei Po

Lau Mei Po’s practice is a completely conceptually driven approach, her work often encompasses installation, video, mix-media, public art and community art. She is sensitive to observing inconspicuous things in the city to think about social phenomena, and to speak out about social contradiction and reflection with experimental practice. Lau is a designer and also founded a collective in 2013 to participate and organize art project. She has experienced living abroad in Beijing, London and Tanzania.

劉美保的創作以概念作為主導,涉獵不同媒介,包括公共及社區藝術、裝置、錄像及混合媒介等範疇。她敏於觀察城市𥚃不顯眼的事物,揭示出社會現象,以實驗性的創作方式帶出社會矛盾,引起反思。 她亦身兼設計師,於2013年成立藝術團隊,參與及組織藝術計劃。曾於北京、倫敦及坦桑尼亞體驗生活。

Making Bad

Water, food colouring, video installation

Object: 80 cm × 100 cm × 120 cm

A bottle of water thrown away on the street, is it littering?
A bucket of water poured on the street, is it littering?

A cube of ice left on the street, is it littering?

Life is subject to social norms, even ideological restrictions, so we don’t dare to think about it.

Special thanks to Yee Lim Godown & Cold Storage



特別鳴謝 裕林貨倉凍房